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I've been a Permanent makeup artist for almost 5 years now. I trained in London with a very well known worldwide training academy, Deluxe Brows. I trained originally in just microblading and now progressed and developed into the machine method technique. These are very different yet very similar. To find out more about different techniques please refer to the services page where you can read in depth another each technique I offer. The reason I got into the world of permanent makeup was simply from recommending so many customers that used to come to me when I was the account manager for Benefit Cosmetics.

Benefit are a world profound cosmetic brand that are well known for their brow services, we were the N.O.1 brand for all things brows. So when helping my lovely customers for those that really found it difficult to draw brows on I used to tell them to research permanent makeup. So when I finally took the plunge to become a self employed makeup artist (specialising in bridal). I decided that this is what I wanted to do alongside my bridal makeup demand. I know how important eyebrows are when it comes to framing and defining the face , so i wanted to make women feel empowered through not just makeup that we can wipe off , but makeup that stays with us for ever. I've never looked back and I'm so grateful for all the clients who have stayed with me from day one. 

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Permanent Make Up

In the world of permanent makeup, it's forever changing, new pigments formulas, new techniques, new templates and the list goes on. The permanent makeup world is growing at a fast rate so everyday is a learning day and for that I'll forever be grateful for those who had faith in me from the get go. I've grown at a rapid pace, as news travels fast. Like the domino's effect, the more clients I do, the happier faces you see around and my names been highly recommended for years now.

I'm passionate about everything I do and I say to all my clients you my real life advertisements, so I have to make sure you're 100% satisfied. This is why I make sure you walk out of my studio with a spring in your step, feeling like a new enhanced you. 

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