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Permanent Lip Blush

The ombré lip blush treatment I offer is great for a number of different clients... those looking to give the illusion of bigger lips, those looking to have some colour in their lips all day every day, and those who are looking to put back the colour that has faded due to filler stretching the lip skin. Lip tattooing is also great for clients with lots of lines in their lips as the treatments help to naturally encourage collagen production, filling out the lips!

How semi-permanent / permanent is it?

This is still a tattoo where cosmetic pigment is being placed into your skin. Semi-permanent means it will fade over time, and that if you want to keep your lips looking vibrant, top up appointments will be needed to maintain this look. Semi-permanent DOES NOT mean it will 100% fade away. You may always be left with remnants of pigment under your skin even 10 years from now. Cosmetic tattoo pigments are made up of smaller molecules than traditional tattoo ink which means that they're able to break down naturally in your body over time. Cosmetic tattooing, when done correctly, is not implanted into the skin as deep as traditional body tattoos so will fade as your skin wears and regenerates.  Everyone's bodies will process the pigment differently, as well as your lifestyle choices affecting the longevity of the tattoo. This is still a tattoo, so before anyone tells you any differently, please bare in mind that whether or not you refresh your lip blush annually, you may still be left with a shadow or very faded lip line if you don’t wish to continue with annual top ups.

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The Benefits Of Lip Blush

▪ No need for fillers - give the illusion of bigger lips without injectables, but does not give volume like lip filler does.

▪ Perfect at restoring colour in scarred or stretched lips.

▪ Naturally encourages collagen production filling out lines and creases in the lips.

▪ No smudged lipstick at the gym, on the beach, in the pool or on holiday.

▪ Less need to wear lipstick daily, reducing your make up costs!

▪ Save time and effort on your daily makeup routine. 

▪ Easy application of lipstick when you have the perfect shape to follow all of the time.

Full Colour Lip Blush

£300 - 3.5 Hours - £25 Deposit

The perfect option for a full coloured lip, natural lipstick finish.

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Ombre Lip Blush

£250 - 3 Hours - £25 Deposit

The perfect option for those who want to definition, as this give a contoured lip result.

Two-Toned Ombre Lip Blush

£320 - 3.5 Hours - £25 Deposit

The perfect option for those who want to definition, as this gives a contoured lip result but I use two colours to add more depth.

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