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Permanent Brows

The eyebrow treatments I offer are great for a number of different clients. Some clients are looking to thicken and define their natural brows, those who have very sparse or no hair at all. Some brows are patchy, thin, over-plucked or generally just not how you'd like them, no matter what shape, size or condition your current eyebrows are in, I personally can create the eyebrows you have always dreamed of!

How semi-permanent / permanent is it?

Semi-permanent means it will fade over time, and that if you want to keep your brows looking vibrant, top up appointments will be needed to maintain this look. Semi-permanent DOES NOT mean it will 100% fade away. You may always be left with remnants of ink under your skin, even 10 years from now. Everyone's bodies will process the ink differently, as well as your lifestyle choices affecting the longevity of the tattoo. Cosmetic tattooing is still a tattoo, so before anyone tells you any differently, please bare in mind that whether or not you refresh your eyebrows annually, you may still be left with a shadow if you don't wish to continue with annual top ups.

Read More in my aftercare/further information document

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The Benefits Of Brow Tattooing

∙  The correct shape of eyebrows will frame your face and emphasise your best features.

∙  Anti-ageing... an instant facelift that opens the eyes creating a more youthful appearance.

∙  No smudged brows at the gym, on the beach, in the pool or on holiday.

∙  Save money by not needing monthly HD brows/waxing anymore.

∙   Easy maintenance when you have the perfect shape to follow all of the time!

∙  Reduction in over-plucking allows your natural hairs to grow back.

∙   Save time and effort on your daily makeup routine and reduce the cost of eyebrow products.

Manual hair stroke brows (microblading)

£180 - 2 Hours - £20 Deposit

Hair stroke brows are done with a manual pen-like device, implanted pigment to create a natural delicate healed result. Not recommended for All skin type.

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Machine hair strokes eyebrows

£225 - 2.5 Hours - £25 Deposit

Hair strokes brow, mimicking your one natural hairs. The hair stroke designs are best performed by machine as is less trauma caused to the skin and i personally prefer this method for those who want a hair stroke designed brows.

Ombre Powder Brow

£225 - 3 Hours - £25 Deposit

The perfect method for those ladies who a more defined result. This method can be as natural as you like, so like a super delicate soft powdered result, to a more bolder makeup result.

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Combination Eyebrows (Machine Method)

£250 - 3.5 Hours - £25 Deposit

Combination brows are the perfect mix of powering (ombre styled) and hair strokes together.

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