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I am a professional makeup artist born in the beautiful little seaside town , cleethorpes. Situated in the North East but I will provide my services all over the UK and Abroad. I also offer occasional hair styling from simple curls, to big bouncy hollywood glamour curls and effortless put ups.

After 9 years in the makeup industry I've done countless weddings all over the UK, even having the privilege of working in Italy for a bride, to upcoming weddings in Greece and working in DisneyLand Paris for an international beauty pageant. 

Yet I still get excited when I see a bride ready to walk down the aisle. That is why I approach every wedding with the individual care, enthusiasm, and personal attention a bride deserves on her special day!

My goal as an artist is to create a warm, naturally beautiful makeup look using a palette of colors, textures and pigments that will allow me to create your desired look. Using only the finest products, I work to accentuate your most beautiful features.


Still, you are the most important person in the room. I want you to feel happy and radiant. I welcome and value your input. I listen, because my job is to achieve the look you have always dreamed of for your wedding day.

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Your wedding is one of the most important and beautiful days of your life.

Being the most important person in the room doesn't just happen on your wedding day. When you're in my chair you will be my priority, no matter what the occasion may be. I will work my magic to create that 'jaw dropping' ,date night , 'Show stopping', girls night only to ,'Red carpet ready' Prom night looks. I promise to make you not only LOOK amazing , but FEEL extremely CONFIDENT.

Bridal Pricing 


Hair & makeup £100

Makeup £70


Hair & makeup £60

Makeup £40


Bridesmaids /mums / guests

Hair & makeup £60

Makeup £40


Hair & Makeup £60

Makeup £40

Hair £25-40 (only available if I'm doing other people's makeup that morning) 

Unfortunately, I do not offer hair as services on its own, as I'm in High demand for makeup, so it's simply an added extra for smaller bridal parties. This is simply because there are a lot more hairdressers to makeup artists around so it makes it fair so potential brides don't miss out on having their makeup done. 


Flower girls

Hair & makeup £20-35

(Very minimal makeup natural makeup)

Up to aged 13

Mini makeup 10-13 £20 this doesn't include foundation, 

This included subtle eye shadow, mascara, blusher, lipstick and subtle highlighter :)

£25 included a super natural foundation/bb cream 


The hair on its own: £10-25

The price depends on hair length and style 😊


Travel cost: if your wedding is out of Grimsby/Cleethorpes I charge 25p a mile return. 


To secure your date I require a non-refundable £50 booking fee to secure your date. This is deducted from your final amount payable

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Half day packages. 

Option 1

Hair and makeup half-day £430

Makeup only £320


After making you up in the morning I stay making sure you all look amazing throughout the pictures by styling ur dresses and helping u angle yourself self, making sure your makeup and hair is on point. The images you have taken by your photographer are a lasting memory, so I'll make sure when you look back you will look incredible in them all, my focus is on you and your bridal party. 


I'll be waiting for you after your ceremony for any touch-ups needed from any happy tears hehe. I have everything on hand making sure you look your best and your bridesmaids also. After your photographs I do any last minute touch ups before I leave you to enjoy the rest of ur day, to eat food and dance the evening away. 

Half Day

Option 2

Hair and makeup half-day £430

Makeup only £320

HALF DAY again but different. This time I leave after getting you all ready in the morning and return after your speeches to touch up the bridesmaids and take it from day to night 

The bride you can get a new look .... 

PLEASE  bare in MIND for this second half day package, it means you are coming away from your bridal party... brides who have done this on the day I feel like they just wanted to rush to get back to the party because all day you would have been taken away for pictures and had your meal and by this point your main photos you look back on have happened and you may just  want to relax and have fun.  Most brides end up not feeling so paranoid about looking perfect and more about embracing the moment and enjoying the evening reception ... I like to express this to my brides now as I don’t want you to choose the wrong package. 

Brides who have chosen this package are brides who had a different dress so we changed up the style. 

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I do all the above, basically 

I’m your personal assistant ... I call myself your personal fluffer


I’m on hand all day for touch-ups for you and your bridal party. If you get whisked off for personal photographs of you and your new partner in the evening as well as in the day I’m on hand to come style you as well again and Also your bridesmaids of course... Everyone can have a whole new look if they wish as well, but most will want a touch up ready to set the dance floor on fire. 

 I have Portable hair tools which means I can keep your hair looking on form as well if you choose me for Hair and makeup ... 

 £630 Hair & Makeup 

 £440 for makeup only 


That works out £147.50 per bridesmaids 

And I think £187 for the bride .... for hair and makeup 


What I tell my brides to think about is once you have bought the lipstick and lip liner I use on you and any makeup I advise you to get for touching yourself up ie powder for shines there isn’t much difference in price. 


Basically you feel like an A list celebrity, with their beauty team on hand at any point. 

Availability Checker

To help you check your wedding date I have added this helpful calendar. If it shows a red box on your day unfortunately I already have a booking.

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